Gurugram Police's Drone Initiative: A Step Towards Safer Roads through Lane Enforcement

  • By Admin
  • 23-12-2023

The Gurugram traffic police have taken a significant leap in their efforts to ensure safer roads and reduce accidents by implementing a unique measure: the use of drones to monitor and enforce lane driving on the bustling Delhi-Gurugram Expressway.

In a recent initiative, the police launched a special campaign employing drones to keep a vigilant eye on lane discipline. The operation resulted in a substantial number of 412 challans issued in a single day, amounting to an impressive collection of over Rs 3 lakh in fines.

The campaign, which commenced at the Sirhaul border and extended up to the Khedki Daula toll plaza, focused primarily on advising commuters about the importance of adhering to lane driving norms. Specifically, heavy vehicles were recommended to occupy only the two left lanes, leaving the other lanes for faster-moving vehicles, facilitating smoother traffic flow.

A senior officer from the traffic police department highlighted the alarming rate of accidents occurring due to abrupt lane-changing maneuvers executed at high speeds. To curb such mishaps, the police have undertaken the strategic use of drones in organizing challan campaigns, aiming to prevent potential accidents and maintain road safety within the city.

This recent crackdown on lane driving violations hasn't been an isolated effort. The numbers speak volumes about the commitment of the Gurugram traffic police toward enforcing traffic rules. With 6,866 challans issued thus far in the current month, an impressive fine amounting to over Rs 58 lakh has been collected. Notably, the fines were imposed on various violators, including owners of trucks, passenger buses, and educational institute buses, showcasing the department's unwavering dedication to upholding traffic regulations across diverse vehicle categories.

The use of drones in enforcing lane discipline represents a futuristic and effective approach to monitor traffic violations on busy expressways. By leveraging modern technology, the Gurugram police are not only imposing fines but also raising awareness among commuters about the significance of following lane driving rules.

This innovative initiative is a step forward in fostering a culture of responsible driving, emphasizing the importance of lane discipline in reducing road accidents and ensuring safer journeys for all commuters. As the campaign continues, the hope is for increased compliance, leading to a significant reduction in avoidable accidents and a smoother, more orderly traffic flow on the roads of Gurugram.