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Akhilesh Srivastava is a globally renowned technology leader, an eloquent speaker, and a bestselling author. Member and Advisor of top International and National organizations, he is passionate about technology and enjoys innovating & implementing large-scale IT-enabled Solutions to solve citizens' critical problems.

He successfully led the implementation of many flagship e-governance projects like FASTag (electronic toll collection system of India), e-Tendering Portal (Central Public Procurement Portal used by almost all Central, State governments, and PSUs for procurements), e-Measuring Book (for transparent measurement and recording of projects), citizen-centric highway information Mobile Apps, Geo-Fencing of highways and AI-powered NHAI Data Lake.

After the implementation of FASTag (electronic toll collection system of India), he took voluntary retirement from the government and is currently wearing many hats as a Member and Advisor of top International and National organizations.

An IIT gold medallist, he has done MBA in IT, Global MBA from ISB, and management courses from Wharton & Kellogg Business Schools. He is currently pursuing a part-time Ph.D. from IIT Delhi and an online course in AI from Stanford USA.

Akhilesh Srivastava is the Road Safety Ambassador at the International Road Federation (IC), honorary Chairman of Bitumen India Forum and External Advisor to McKinsey & Co among many other portfolios he holds. His next-generation technology-driven Road Safety 2.0 initiative led by the World Economic Forum gave a new dimension to the Future of Road Safety in India with a new vision and human-centric road approach, where technology compensates for human and Infra limitations to improve road safety.

He is also an IT Advisor to the ITDA, Uttarakhand, and started pilots of Web-2 and Web-3 like Blockchain and AI, driven e-governance programs in Uttarakhand. UK citizen's e-service portal Apuni Sarkar was adjudged one of the 75 best citizen-centric services by the government of India. In the final stage of development, Uttarakhand Data Lake will transform the conventional governance model and be a role model for the nation.

An IIT gold medallist, he has done MBA in IT, Global MBA from ISB, and management courses from Wharton & Kellogg Business Schools. He is currently pursuing a part-time Ph.D. from IIT Delhi and an online course in AI from Stanford USA.

Before this, Mr. Akhilesh Srivastava was Chief General Manager at NHAI, (National Highway Authority of India), responsible for the construction, operation & maintenance of national highways and expressways in India. He held many crucial portfolios of NHAI, Commercial Operations and Highway operations apart from IT. During his tenure at NHAI, he introduced many digital technologies in the highway sector like Drones, LiDAR, GIS, Project Management Systems etc.

He also held top management positions in NHAI-led companies as a Board Member, COO in IHMCL and CEO of NHAI InvIT Co. He brought a unique synthesis of government & corporate working cultures to improve operational efficiencies. An eloquent speaker and prolific writer, he loves to share his experience and knowledge through seminars, talks, books, articles and talks in various forums and workshops.

Mr. Akhilesh Srivastava authored the best-selling book- ‘ Digital Construction Management, which led to the introduction of digital construction teachings & online courses.

He authored two more books, “Artificial Intelligence in Infrastructure Development” and “Construction Industry 2.0”. The book “Construction Industry 2.0” talks about the nextgen construction industry and was recently launched by Royal Family Dubai at a global conference in Dubai on 26 February 2022.

Awards & Recognitions

Honoured as one among “51 GLOBAL LEADER ON DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY” by an UN agency in a global survey- 2019.

Life time achievement “Vishwakarma Award” by CIDC.

“Golden Globe Award” by World Geospatial Forum for geofencing of national highways.

Recognition by “Indian Road Congress”for drafting policy paper of ITS

“Eminent Engineers of India Award”Engineering Council of India- 2021

“Man of Excellence Award -2022” by Indian Achievers Forum

“A-Level Certificate”by iPMA for large-scale project management.

He has many commendations & awards in his long and illustrious career.

Domain Expertise

Project Management and Infra Project Management

Primarily civil engineer from IIT and have rich experience of Infra projects execution of over 30 years. Contract management, time & cost optimisation of projects, estimates & bidding are key strength.

IT upgradation of any org to improve operational efficiency

IT is passion and have successfully executed many IT driven projects of the Government of India. Automated the highway sector and NHAI. In this digital world automation is mandatory to survive and earn profit, He can automate any organisation with innovative tech solutions at the lowest cost based on his expertise. Use of IOT and AI in Infra is key strength.

Commercial Operations

The financial and commercial management are the core of any organisation. His management studies at various top institutions of the world helped him to understand the financial and commercial operations of the organisations and to tweak it for betterment. For NHAI using these skills increased toll revenue substantially. Developed Artificial Intelligence based formula to calculate potential revenue of any Infra project.

ITS and Innovative tolling technologies

Have worked a lot in Intelligent Transport System and Innovative tolling technologies area. Drafted ITS policy for Niti Aayog. Carried out pilot for GPS based and Multilane Free Flow Tolling technologies. Probably no one in India may be having such 360 degree knowledge of these fields.