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Digital Construction Management

A brilliant and perfectly timed book written by Shri. Akhilesh Kumar Srivastava, who is one of the important new voices in the digital technology world today. He is recently rated as one of the 51 MOST IMPACTFUL GLOBAL LEADERS OF SMART CITY. This book brings in a rare insight into the 4th Industrial Revolution Technologies and interestingly integrates these latest digital technologies with the Construction Industry to enhance the much-desired efficiency & productivity of the construction sector. The book makes a good read for all those who want to understand how Industry Revolution 4.0 can be linked with Construction Industry in enhancing productivity and optimizing costs. The relevant examples in the book bring to life the realistic view of the construction industry and an open mind to infinite possibilities in the Construction Industry.At the same time, the book lays down the roadmap for the modernization of the construction industry and highlights the action plan for achieving the goal.he book also interestingly investigates the macroeconomic of digitization of construction on Smart Cities, Digital Dispute Resolution, RERA, Digital Governance, and software-driven Asset Management.

The book is one of the best sellers and is being rated very high by the experts. The introduction of the book is given by the stalwarts Prof. Rajat Moona, Director, IIT Bhilai & former Director-General of C-DAC, and Dr. P R Swaroop, Director General, Construction Industry Development Council. Overall, this book is a must-read not only for construction professionals and Technology Innovators to explore the possibilities of technology infusion in the construction industry but also for policymakers and technocrats seeking to leverage digital technologies to enhance the quality of life for the citizens of this country.

Construction Industry 2.0

As we edge closer towards a connected world, something has to change in the way we define leadership and the way we develop our leaders. This is the subject of Construction Industry 2.0. We are entering into a fourth industrial revolution, a revolution that is heading towards hyperconnected consumers, machine intelligence, biotechnology, alternative sources of energy, and hyper speed transport links, that is creating volatility, transforming consumer behaviours, altering business and organisational landscapes, and challenging our perceptions of business leadership. Decisions and ideas will not come from a single source and may well not even come from a human source. The future will be a self-adaptive, self-organising advanced cybernetic system, inspired by swarm intelligence. The current model of construction (relational, influence-based, processing, directive) will have no place in this future organisational world. Construction will be a networked, collaborative, swarming, responsive and agile system. It will be sensemaking, connecting, networking, nurturing, and harvesting. The self-adaptive, self-organising cybernetic system will not require the old construction model or any of the methodologies of teaching it the leader will be a responsive connector within a collaborative system. This, in essence, is Construction Industry 2.0.