Road Safety Markings that will Glow in Dark

  • By Admin
  • 28-08-2023

Driving at night may be difficult, especially when the weather is less than ideal. Seeing the road lines, for example, can be lifesaving in severe fog. That is why, even in perfect conditions, unmarked roads are intrinsically more dangerous.

The way to avoiding nighttime traffic accidents is to make road markings more visible. Photoluminescent paint, similar to that used on military watch hands, can be used to decorate them.

The paint will be put on specific routes, including glow-in-the-dark road markers. The use of high-reflectivity road markers is part of the innovative package. This is accomplished by mixing the paint with thicker glass beads and thermoplastic.

It doesn't glow like it did in the first situation. Even yet, when the dye is illuminated by the headlights in the dark, it ensures enhanced visibility.

At controlled pedestrian crossings, LED tactile paving is used. The LEDs match the colours of the traffic signal for increased visibility for pedestrians who are frequently looking down at their phone screens.

The markings when implemented on Indian Roads will make the roads safer for the Indian with the use of technology.